Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We have developed the AI and the functional mechanism such that the AI will trade on your DEMAT account directly. You need not provide us your userID and password for the same.

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01. General 

How is it integrated?

- The AI is integrated to the trade portal through an API, and the continuum of actions from receiving data from the market, to processing it, executing trade happens in milliseconds. 

Does the client have to spend time being online? If not, then?

- No, The client need not understand anything in finance/trade and the client would not spend anytime actively.

What kind of financial instruments does KalkiAI act upon?

- KalkiAI trades exclusively on equities and, Future & Options in the Indian stock market as of now.

Would I be getting an analyzed report?

- You would be getting monthly reports on your account's performances from us.

Would I have to pay to open an DEMAT account

- No.

Is there any hidden/ indirect fees whatsoever? (Yearly maintenance or exit fees, etc)

- You will not incur brokerage fee on your trade transactions on your DEMAT.

Our Uniqueness

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only firm that has been successful in automating trade.
Currently we are operating solely in Indian markets as our researchers are based on NSE, we are currently working on expanding our scope to the NYSE, which has been our target market.

02. Mechanism

How stock selection is done?

- Data results in patterns. In the most pedestal level, the AI observes 62 datum indicators in motion.We take 62 data points and base our indicators generation upon the interactions of each datum at a given point in time with other datum.Each datum here being an indicator, when the set metrics are met, AI chooses to trade on a particular stock/ticker.

How do you determine target and stop loss? and same with Support and resistance?

- Combinatorics accounts to the apt assessment of the vicious nature of the causes and effects of the forces of market.Each continuum of a datum at any point in time in its vicious course is set at interactive comparison with the other datum set out in motion.The interaction of continuums with each other produces conjectures of the same, Which in turn, satisfies our prerequisites to create positions of on our holdings, that changes dynamically with every microsecond of input set of datum provided to us via the API.

Do you use technical analysis or go with fundamental analysis?

- Both and More.

Minimum requirement

As KalkiAI is trained to trade on equities (Short term positions and intraday) and, F&O parallelly, a sum of ₹300,000 is needed as the bare minimum for KalkiAI to start functioning.

you have the option of either investing periodically or allowing us to auto-debit your prescribed account.

03. EMI - Auto Debit

What are the plans available for customers?

- We don’t have a plan; the only plan is that the AI works on DEMAT till the day you want your money encashed.

Is there a customizable plan (for example, a more-risk-more-reward plan) for customers with AI integration?

- Nope, the one we have now is conservative (no risk to capital) approach and we don’t look forward to adding any options just yet.

Tax burden mapped to whom?

- The tax on the earning is treated just the same way a manual-trade short term capital gains will be treated.The only difference between AI trading and manual trading is whether your trade or that the AI trade, so there is no difference to how the tax element is treated.

Retirement plan

You can contact us for a quick manual retirement planning around our trade mechanism

04. Payment

Does your team follow through any retainer fees or subscription model?

- No, we do not follow through any process as mentioned in the question. Our moto is that when your account makes profits, we will divide the profits accordingly depending on the profit-sharing ratio we have in place.

What’s the profit-sharing ratio does your team follows?

- If your investment value is below INR 5,00,000 – Profit is shared 50-50.

If your investment value is above INR 5,00,000 & below INR 8,00,000 – Profit is shared 60-40, where in the client collects 60% of the monthly profit.

If your investment value is above INR 8,00,000 – Profit is shared 70-30, where in the client collects 70% of the monthly profit.

Payment timelines

We request our clients to make the payments within 3 working days to when the payment notice is given by

05. Key Aspects

What happens if there is a loss month by the end of the month?

- Let’s take an example on the first and second month, the AI made a gross profit of INR 10,000 per month and in month three there is an overall loss of INR 5,000. We would have shared the profits for the first two months, and would wait until the AI recovers the loss of INR 5,000, and will not do a profit sharing with the client until so.

What are the documents required to open up the DEMAT account on Angel Brokering and will you be assisting us in the process?

- The documents required to open up your DEMAT account on Angel broker are Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Bank statements for the last 6 months, Video IPV, Mobile Number, E-mail ID and a signature on the white paper. The documents can be e-mailed to us at or . Once we validate the documents from our end, we will request you to call up our POC at angel and they will validate the KYC process for you.

Once my account is set up and I have transferred the relevant funds, how would you be linking to the AI to my account?

- Every account has a unique ID number mapped to our terminal with angel broker. Once you transfer the funds, and we will link the AI to your account and trading will automatically start accordingly.

Is there a timeline to say how long the AI will be holding the funds on our DEMAT account.

- This is left to the AI’s autonomy; we would not be able to predict how long the AI will be holding the particular stock on your account. 

From the company’s end, we would be sending up the standard T&C to you. You need not sign any documents from your end.

The individual’s demat account and they have complete control of their account at any given point of time. We completely recommend that no individual should do any manual trading till the AI is connect to their account. Should the individual do any manual trading at any given point of time, we would be disconnecting the AI from their account and closing our ties with said individual.