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Our Mission

Grow your money effortlessly with AI

Our state of the art AI will manage your portfolio and provide best in class returns for your investments.

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What we do

Our AI has, by design, outsmarted all the indices that makes up the shares of our portfolio. That is a result of the AI having a better understanding of chronological assessment than algorithms that predominate the international trading sphere.


Data is irregular. Data is volatile. Data result in patterns. In the most pedestal level, the AI observes 62 datum indicators in motion.
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Data Synergy

We take 62 data points and base our indicators generation upon the interactions of each datum at a given point in time with other datum.
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In circles

Combinatorics accounting to the apt assessment of the vicious nature of the causes and effects of the forces of market.

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The efficacy of each datum in its own right, against the set framework of overlapping with stationary foci is made the building block in the operation of interaction with other datum that are held on to commensurate kinetics.

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There is a lot we do . Here is a small sneak peek

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Each continuum of a datum at any point in time in its vicious course is set at interactive comparison with the other datum set out in motion.

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Indice and AI

Beat indices with AI having a better understanding of chronological assessment than algorithms that predominate the international trading sphere.

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"Welcome to the Future of trading. Enter the era of AI with us and begin the journey to be the black horse of the game. Take the leap forward with the combination of Quantum finance, AI and investment philosophy. AI trades on your demat without the need to transfer to third party"



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Trades every minute


Accuracy on every trade.

"I am so grateful to kalkiAI for taking care of my entire investment journey, given I am very occupied with my work throughout. Happy to have the AI working on my own demat."


"I am a newbies to the trading markets. Fortunately, KalkiAI Trading has made my entrance extremely easy and efficient. No matter how simple or complex my questions are, Shakti and KalkiAI were ever-present, patient, and willing to share their knowledge. I wish i had taken this route to hedge my inventory years ago. Am Happy that my money is safe with KalkiAI."

Khizer Hussain
What our clients say

Our clients success stories

"I came across kalki trade through a couple of my friends and noticed how much ease and user friendly it is when it comes to money management. After joining their service, I was super happy with their exceptional client service and auxiliary ways they grew my income. I highly recommend people to join Kalki Trade as it is the next best thing that ever happened to me."

Prince Joshua Devakumaran